niMble Artificial intelligence driven robotic SoluTions for Efficient and self-deteRmined handLing and assemblY operations

In recent years, there has been a shift from mass production to customization, presenting new challenges for conventional production lines that were traditionally focused on a single product variant or product family. These limitations have become increasingly evident in light of the changing needs of modern production.


To address these challenges, MASTERLY aims to develop flexible robotic solutions that can overcome these limitations. This will involve the use of modular grippers combined with cutting-edge robotic technologies such as mobile, high and low payload industrial and collaborative robots, and smart cranes. These solutions will be enhanced with AI-driven advanced control and perception capabilities that will enable them to operate autonomously, handling a wide range of parts varying in size, shape, and material, and being acceptable to workers of all genders.

The proposed technologies will be tested for flexibility, efficiency and user acceptance in three use cases from
different productions sectors, aiming to demonstrate production line and cross sector applicability, scalability and adaptability.

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The MASTERLY project in numbers

16 Partners

42 Months

€ 5 683 670


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